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We offer public cloud solutions where they are needed most.
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The public cloud can be used to quickly publish a prototype, scale an existing product, or enhance your customer support with a chatbot.
These great capabilities are possible because of the industries of scale and investments of cloud providers.
Our business can benefit from this, and get ahead of the competition, but only if you have the right help.
Novosot is that help.

Azure Integration

We provide full-service Azure integration, whether you are deploying a web-app, setting up a devops pipeline, or scaling a CUDA cluster, We can get you the most out of  integrations with Microsoft tools, existing licenses and an established partner network.

Software Development

Through test-driven development Novosot can develop custom integrations between your existing software solution and the secure Cloud Service provider interfaces.

Cloud Architecture

Let us help you determine which Cloud Services are right for you.  Whether its AWS, Azure, or Google’s Cloud Platform, we can help you make the right decision.

Migration to the cloud

We’ve replicated hundreds of servers from private cloud to Azure and cut them over with minimal downtime.


Software Integration

We can help you use Azure as frontend, backend, or simply speed up your development pipeline.


Cloud security

Stay secure with our Azure cloud security assessment or ask us about our penetration testing services.


What makes Novosot different?

Benefit from our experience working in the financial services  and Fortune 500 corporations. Your business deserves the best.